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The Little Pink Shelter provides consulting services to prospective adopters. We are located in Connecticut and have longstanding relationships with several shelters and rescues in the south where there is an abundance of loving family dogs who are on death row or who are simply abandoned on the streets. We consult with our colleagues in the south who assess the dog's temperament so that we understand fully the type of home each dog will require. We then carefully interview potential adopters to make sure that the matches between dogs and adopters have the best chance of being successful and permanent.  

The first step in the process is filling out our online application easily accessible here or on each dog's listing page if you read carefully to the end. Whenever possible , we begin with a vet reference. We then schedule a phone interview during which we are each able to ask all our questions of each other.  Home visits are at our discretion. If the match is approved the adopter will enter an agreement directly with the shelter and transport is arranged. We reserve the right to refuse adoption privileges to anyone we deem not suitably matched to a particular dog.

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