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From Founder, Holly Chasin

When I started Little Pink Shelter back in 2008, my mission was to help shelter dogs win their fight for a second chance at life:  as a breast cancer survivor, I knew all too well the sweetness of that victory.  Since founding the Little Pink Shelter,  I have cultivated a strong relationship with just two places in Arkansas whom I trust, and together we have placed nearly 3,000 dogs and puppies into loving homes.  Little Pink Shelter is considered more of a "boutique" rescue, focusing solely on making an adoption successful.


Black Dog Syndrome

Did you know that Black Dogs are the last to be adopted in shelters all over the world . . . and the first to be put down? It happens here at Little Pink Shelter, too:  even black puppies are the last of a litter to be adopted. Click here to learn about BLACK DOG SYNDROME


Why Southern Dogs?

Unfortunately, the South is about 50+ years behind us regarding spaying and neutering their pets. Leash and licensing laws either do not exist or are not enforced, and very few owners spay or neuter their pets resulting in a constant stream of unwanted litters.  Conversely, years of spay/neuter awareness coupled with enforced leash and licensing laws has controlled overpopulation in the Northeast which leaves us with a lack of available family dogs here, while the explosion of stray and unwanted dogs has reached a volume that is unmanageable for the southern shelter system.  In addition, most southern shelters immediately euthanize owner-surrendered dogs, many of whom are healthy and well-trained. Strays brought in by animal control, many of them abandoned family pets, remain unclaimed and are euthanized in a matter of days. Our goal is to identify those wonderful loving dogs and change their luck forever.

Understanding Pet Store Doublespeak

Before you consider buying a puppy from a pet store please click on this link to learn about "Pet Store Doublespeak". The rescue process can be frustrating and exhausting, but please do not let that tempt you into buying a puppy at a pet store just because it is immediate. Every pet store that sells puppies gets them from puppy mills, plain and simple.

No reputable breeder sells their puppies to be resold at a pet store. Pet stores are designed to play on the emotions of people by putting the puppies in cramped crates. It’s all part of the manipulative psychology.

There is no such thing as “rescuing” from a pet store.


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