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Why Southern Dogs?

Unfortunately, the South is about 50 years behind us regarding spaying and neutering their pets. Leash and licensing laws either do not exist or are not enforced, and very few owners spay or neuter their pets resulting in a constant stream of unwanted litters. Conversely, years of spay/neuter awareness coupled with enforced leash and licensing laws in the Northeast have successfully controlled our unwanted dog overpopulation. That leaves us with a lack of available family dogs here, while the explosion of stray and unwanted dogs has reached a volume that is unmanageable for the southern shelter system. In addition, most southern shelters immediately euthanize owner-surrendered dogs, many of whom are healthy and well-trained. Strays brought in by animal control, many of them abandoned family pets, remain unclaimed and are euthanized in a matter of days. Our goal is to identify these wonderful loving dogs and offer them a second chance at forever.

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Each of the dogs in this website was rescued from The Little Pink Shelter thanks to the kindness of all the adopters who opened their hearts to dogs in need.


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